“Science is opening your eyes to the poetry of the expanding universe.”

Yes, I know the quality of the music is mediocre, and sometimes Autotune drives me buggy.

Neither, though, keep me from tearing up at the humanity you can plainly see in the eyes of Stephen Hawking, the powerful thought in this post’s title (courtesy of Richard Dawkins), or Phil Plait’s words:

“Teach a man to reason, and he will think for a lifetime.”

Welcome to the Symphony of Science project. There are a pile of these pieces; here are a few:

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An atheist’s creed

I posted this in comments in Jen McCreight’s blog Blag Hag, and it came out so well that I’ve reposted it here.


I accept the natural world as all the world there is. I don’t need a supernatural reason for anything.

I accept that the natural world is ultimately and completely knowable by logic and rational thought.

Religion is immoral. It prevents rationally moral behavior, discourages critical thinking and skepticism, invokes violence among its fundamentalist faithful, discriminates against women, minorities, and gays, treats children as chattel and victims, and encourages unhealthy sexual expression through legislation, violence, and guilt.